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‘Born This Way’, MDSC Media Award Recipients, Begins New Season

There is once again reason to fete the acclaimed A&E reality show “Born This Way,” and their inspiring cast of seven stars with Down syndrome? In March, the show won the MDSC’s 2017 Media Award for not only entertaining millions, but getting viewers to think about Down syndrome differently. (Unfortunately, representatives of the show were unable to attend the conference, but you can watch their acceptance video here.)

Now, having won an Emmy Award, the show is entering its 3rd season! We’re grateful to see individuals with Down syndrome being afforded more and more opportunities to live out their dreams, including being featured on a hit television show. Our Your Next Star campaign is all about creating opportunities and achieving dreams.

“Born This Way” follows seven young adults with Down syndrome as they experience life’s successes and challenges. The show has garnered audience and critical acclaim for its accurate and heartwarming portrayal of people with Down syndrome. The seven stars of the show are navigating life like any other young adult – pursuing their dreams and aspirations, exploring romantic relationships, building friendships, and working.

Watch A&E’s “Born This Way” on Tuesdays at 9pm.

“Born this Way” has broken new ground for representing people with Down syndrome in popular media. It has also allowed for the parents of the series to talk openly about the joys and challenges that come along with having a child with Down syndrome. The list of roles available for actors and actresses with Down syndrome is painfully short and we’re grateful to this show for increasing the presence of people with Down syndrome in mass media.

We are hopeful that employment opportunities for actors and actresses with Down syndrome increase as “Born This Way” continues to exemplify what individuals with Down syndrome are capable of.