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Job Openings from YNS Employer Partners

Several of our employer partners through the Your Next Star Employment program are looking to fill positions with qualified candidates in our community. See below for more information.

Daytime Custodian
4 hours/day (Schedule negotiable)
Location: Canton, MA (off Route 138)
Providing janitorial services in an active office building. Includes interacting with office employees in the building as well as visiting customers.
Requirements: Moderate lifting (20-30 lbs. max)
Pay: Above minimum wage

Floor Finisher Crewmate
Part-time 730am-Noon (Full time also available)
Location: Lynn, MA
Job involves working as part of a 2-3 person crew to mix materials and spread them onto a floor.
Requirements: Ability to lift up to 50 lb bags, open cans with screwdriver, operate a mixing machine (with training).
Pay: Above minimum wage

Warehouse Prep Worker
Part-time flexible schedule (i.e. 2 hrs/day 5 days/week; 4 hours/day 3 days/week, etc.)
Location: Lynn, MA (public transportation may be an option)
Job involves mixing materials, organizing shelves, working largely independently (after being trained)
Pay: Above minimum wage

Window/Door Installation Crewmate
Part-time (6 hours/day, several days a week)
Location: Commute to Melrose/Everett/Somerville (public transportation may be an option); then go with crew to job sites
Job involves working as part of a 4-person crew to take windows/doors out of truck, check inventory (confirm color and size), prep site (cover furniture and put down drop cloths), clean up trash and debris.
Requirements: Lift up to 25 lbs (50 lbs with a crewmate)
Pay: Above minimum wage

 If you are interested in any of the above positions, please reach out to Joshua Komyerov at to learn more.