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This Determined Chef wouldn’t let Celiacs stand in her way

Tess Keijser couldn’t have been more excited when in high school, she signed up for a culinary class. She knew right away what kind of career she wanted to pursue – something that involved cooking. But there was one complication – she became very ill with celiac disease, and while she got well in due time, she had to quit class and began pursuing some of her other interests.

15368904_10211326604103137_76398630_oLike many in our community, Tess and her family weren’t easily dissuaded from following her dreams. As her mom Dale tells it, she was struggling peeling carrots one night wishing she had a Pampered Chef peeler, when the lightbulb went on – Tess could be a Pampered Chef consultant. “…teaching…she loves putting on shows..she loves being a leader. Could it work? Could she do it? Would they let her? Well, let’s try.”

Tess got her kit in the mail, and first practiced first in front of friends. “We spent a day planning and coming up with a chart she could follow to help with organization and memory,” Dale said. “We made it easy and fun.”

Today, Tess has over 30 parties under her belt and makes a commission of about $300/month. She was top saleswoman in her group in November and attended the annual Pampered Chef conference in Chicago last July. She is now working on her goal of getting five other people to join her team so she can be a director and walk on stage next year in Chicago.

Dale says they are hoping this will be a lifelong career for her that will give her a sustainable income so that Tess can have spending money. “This has given her a way to progress her skills in cooking, computer, leadership, and socialization,” Dale said. “This has been a wonderful platform for Tess to be included in own her own business while being part of something bigger.”

Visit Tess’ Pampered Chef page here.