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Home Depot Store Manager Inspires Employers

At the MDSC/CMEC Diversify Your Workforce forum in Milford that showcased why employers should hire people with disabilities, the most enthusiastic speaker was was the one wearing the bright orange apron.

Pedro Figueroa, Store Manager at the Worcester Home Depot, explained his experience hiring people with disabilities.

“Every single individual that I’ve ever employed with a quote-unquote disability has been a home run for the store and the team. They are the best ‘brand champions’ you will ever have,” he says,“and “you can’t teach that.”

At the end of the program, several employers spoke about how their companies have hired workers with different disabilities and why they believe it is so important. According to him, it makes good moral sense as well as good business sense.

Pedro lit up the room with both his orange uniform and his encouraging words.