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The Campaign

People with Down syndrome are ready and able to work, but they are not getting the chance.

Employees with Down syndrome and other disabilities typically show more loyalty and lower turnover than their non-disabled peers. And their job performance ratings are the same. But they have drastically higher unemployment rates.

That’s why we created Your Next Star…. to open the eyes of employers in Massachusetts to the power of people with Down syndrome in the workforce, and help them find the qualified candidates they need.

If you’re an employer

Take a close look at our site. John, Melissa, Philip, Lina and Nicole are perfect examples of the concrete skills and priceless intangibles that people with Down syndrome bring to the table. And they are just the tip of iceberg — each and every person with Down syndrome is unique.

We’ll tell you everything you need to know about employing someone with Down syndrome. And when you’re ready to Make a Hire, we’ll give you the phone number to get started.

If you’re a friend

We’ve made it easy for you too to make a difference. Tell your employer about what people with Down syndrome can do. Petition your legislators to do more. Help a friend find a job. Then, we want to hear from you. Share Your Story with us, so that others can be inspired and follow your lead.

The only question is, who will be Your Next Star?