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Job Matching

Best Buddies Jobs Massachusetts
Best Buddies Jobs matches skilled and qualified individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities with businesses searching for enthusiastic and dedicated employees.
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CJP Transitions to Work
Transitions to Work provides a 12-week training and internship program to help young adults with disabilities develop employment skills and place them into jobs that provide earnings and a sense of purpose.
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MRC Vocational Rehabilitation Program
MRC’s Vocational Rehabilitation Program assists individuals with disabilities obtain and maintain employment. This includeS identifying job goals based on individual interests and aptitudes, providing funds for college and vocational training, assessing worksite accommodations and educating an employer about the Americans With Disabilities Act.
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Getting Hired
Resources to help job seekers with disabilities find and secure their next position. How to prepare for job search and effectively present skills and talents to potential employers.
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Transition: Setting the Groundwork

School Days to Pay Days: An Employment Planning Guide for Families of Young Adults with Intellectual Disabilities.
Collaboratively designed by the Institute for Community Inclusion and the Mass. Department of Developmental Services through the Work Without Limits employment initiative, this booklet helps families get started with the school-to-work transition process.
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Transition Starters for Everyone
Information from the Center for Parent Information and Resources about transition from high school to higher education, employment or other opportunities for students with disabilities. Find resources for parents, teachers and guidance counselors and students.
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Internships: The On-Ramp to Employment
Guide from the National Consortium on Leadership and Disability for Youth (NCLD/Youth) helps students with disabilities find and make the most out of an internship. Internships give students an introduction to the world of work and are an important step toward getting a job in their chosen career field.
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Great Expectations: Preparing Your Child with Developmental Disabilities for Employment Success
Handbook intended to help provide the inspiration, tools and understanding you need to help your child prepare for a fulfilling and constructive role in the workforce.
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Helping Youth Develop Soft Skills for Job Success: Tips for Parents and Families
Booklet that gives families strategies and practice exercises to help them help their children with these skills. Soft skills include communicating clearly and appropriately, remembering work directions, working well with others, and knowing how to solve problems.
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Impact on Benefits

A project of UMass Medical School’s Center for Health Policy and Research, BenePLAN assists individuals with disabilities — in particular those who receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and/or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) — to understand how working and earning or increasing wages impacts these and other public benefits. If currently receiving SSDI and/or SSI due to a disability, BenePlan can answer questions about how benefits will be affected by going to work or increasing hours or pay.
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Going to Work: A Guide to Social Security Benefits and Employment for Young People with Disabilities
Gives a general overview of the rules for Social Security work incentives for Massachusetts in effect. Depending on circumstances, Social Security uses several different financial limits to make its decisions.
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How Will Working Affect My Social Security Disability Benefits?
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Massachusetts Benefits Information
Information from on work incentive programs and benefits
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Career Research

Finding a Job that is Right for You
A comprehensive practical approach to looking for a job as a person with a disability (Available in Spanish). Walks potential employees through identifying the right kind of job, conducting the job search, preparing for the job interview and strategies for success at your new job.
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Career Assessment
Personality assessment developed to provide insight about individual personality traits and types of jobs and career paths that are fulfilling and enjoyable. Report summarizes individual personality traits and identifies workplace situations you are likely to find success in.
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Career Interest Profiler
The Career Interest Profiler (CIP) is designed to help you recognize and understand your career interests. Includes a free personalized mini report.
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Short-term Training Finder
Searchable database of schools with programs that can be completed in less than two years.
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Occupation Profile
Get a complete profile of the occupation you’re interested in specific to your region. Includes video profiles
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Compensation Expectations
Provides a customized report of salary expectations based on job title, location, and cost of living for a region.
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Getting a Job: Nuts & Bolts

Resume Guide
Helps you create a resume with step-by-step plan for what to include in your resume; tips for writing, formatting, and polishing; sample resumes from a variety of job seekers, ways to market your resume and get it into the right hands; and how to make the most of the Internet and tools like LinkedIn and Facebook.
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Writing a Cover Letter
Comprehensive guidelines for drafting an effective cover letter, including writing tips, formatting tips, and a cover letter checklist
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Interview Checklist
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Job Search Videos from the U.S. Department of Labor

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