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Hiring people with disabilities isn’t just the right thing to do – it’s good for business.

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    Here’s what you can do:

    Use the form letter (left) to let your employer know why hiring someone with Down syndrome makes good business sense.

    The reality of competitive business these days is that employers have to stay focused on… well, business. That means that if they don’t already know someone with Down syndrome, they probably never gave the idea of hiring someone much thought. And if they did, where would they start?

    Fortunately, we have information that will educate, inspire and ultimately take the fear out of what might seem like a daunting prospect – hiring someone with Down syndrome.

    Whether you work at a university or pre-school, a fast food restaurant or a financial services center, a medical device company or a mental health center, we’ve made it easy for you to open your employer’s eyes to the power of people with Down syndrome in the workforce.