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Does it make business sense to hire someone with Down syndrome?

People with disabilities have historically faced enormous hurdles to getting a job. But the facts show that businesses can actually boost their competitive edge by making people with disabilities an integral part of their workforce and their customer base.

Job Performance – Studies show that with the right job and supports, employees with disabilities have equivalent job performance ratings as employees without disabilities.

Longevity and Stability – Employees with Down syndrome are typically more loyal and reliable and have less turnover than their non-disabled peers.

Expanding Market Share – One third of American families include someone with a disability. This represents an expanding customer base who want to support companies with inclusive hiring.

Boost Morale – We’ve heard it a thousand times – People with Down syndrome add life to their workplaces. Co-workers and management report a higher level of team job satisfaction.

Untapped Talent Pool – By considering individuals with Down syndrome, your pool of skilled, qualified candidates just got bigger.

Diversity – More diversity means more strength and that your company won’t be left behind by the competition.

Public Relations – More than ever, public image is critical these days. Your customers and followers will remember your inclusive hiring practices for a long time to come.

Creative Thinking – When necessary, job accommodations are usually cheap and easy, and they tend to foster creative thinking for your team that has long-term benefits.

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