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What else can I do to create an inclusive work environment?

There’s a wide range of practices, policies, programs and outreach that will help employees with disabilities feel more welcomed and allow them to succeed at your company. These steps will send a message to prospective employees and the general public alike that you’re an employer who truly values inclusion. Implement these as you’re able.

  • Make inclusivity who you are – Incorporate your commitment to inclusion of individuals with disabilities in your mission statement, descriptions, policies and procedures.
  • Advertise your inclusivity – Highlight your inclusive image in community outreach materials, including information about available accommodations
  • Disability-friendly branding – Include images of people with disabilities in advertisements, collateral materials and external communications
  • In-house culture of awareness – Train all employees (including recruiters and interviewers) about disability awareness, people-first language, and inclusive behavior.
  • Mentors matter – Incorporate disability into internship and job shadowing programs. Establish a mentor program for your employees with disabilities.
  • Make reasonable accommodations the rule – Develop an accommodation policy and process for employees with disabilities
  • Inclusive hiring sources – Keep a resource list of targeted job fairs, career sites and other disability-friendly hiring sources
  • Define diversity – Specifically include the term “disability” in diversity and inclusion materials
  • Alternative formats – Adapt recruiting materials for use in alternative formats, e.g., braille, large print, electronic
  • Accessible technology – Make sure your IT department is knowledgeable about the latest accessible technology for employees
  • Inclusive supply chain – Identify and partner with suppliers with inclusive hiring practices
  • Disability friendly facilities – Ensure your physical plant, inside and outside, is accessible to all individuals – parking, entrances, doorways, hallways, restrooms, meeting spaces and lighting.
  • Look for opportunities to promote qualified employees with disabilities
  • Network with and learn from other businesses about they are creating an inclusive workforce.