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Sister Writes a Buzzfeed Article About her Hard-Working Brother

On June 12th 2016, this article and photo story joined Buzzfeed’s Community posts.

It features Brian Heffernon, an MDSC self-advocate who not only has done amazing work himself, but has also spoke on behalf of people with disabilities at different events.

The Buzzfeed article showcases Brain’s achievements such as writing screenplays, speaking as a disability advocate, and going to the Special Olympics for soccer, track and field, and swimming.

His sister, who wrote the article also shares his work lobbying in D.C., helped campaign for former Governor Deval Patrick, and working at Fenway Park.

This Buzzfeed feature exemplifies the work Your Next Star is doing, showing the world the great benefits of working with people with disabilities. A proud sister decided to share this message within Buzzfeed’s community.