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92% of consumers report feeling more favorable toward businesses that hire people with disabilities.
Accessibility costs for workers with disabilities are almost always covered by federal tax incentives for businesses.
The unemployment rate for people with disabilities is 120 percent higher than for people without disabilities.
Only 1/3 of eligible adults with intellectual disabilities are employed.
Employees with disabilities have nearly identical job performance ratings as those without disabilities.
⅓ of eligible adults with intellectual disabilities have never held a job.
438,000 of the Massachusetts’ 3.8 million working age adults have a disability.
87% of consumers said they would prefer to patronize businesses that hire people with disabilities.
The majority of workers with disabilities do not need special equipment or accommodations.
Nearly ⅔ of eligible adults with intellectual disabilities who are working have been at their jobs 3 or more years.
46% of accommodations cost nothing while 45% of accommodations have a one-time cost, typically around $500.
Companies can reach as many as 4 out of every 10 consumers with marketing programs aimed at people with disabilities and their family members.
30% of America’s 69.6 million families have at least one family member with a disability.

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